DateTitlePresented To
03/26/2001 SB 324 Kansas Airport Improvement Program Senate Commerce Subcommittee
03/19/2001 SB 328 Keg Registration House Federal and State Affairs Committee
03/15/2001 HB 2230 Penalties for DUI Repeat Offenders Senate Judiciary Committee
03/14/2001 SB 3 as Amended by Senate Committee on Utilities Use of Gasohol in State Vehicles House Transportation Committee
03/14/2001 SB 4 As Admended by Senate Committee on Utilities Use of Biodiesel in State Vehicles House Transportation Committee
03/14/2001 HB 2102 Weights and Measures Senate Agriculture Committee
03/14/2001 HB 2040 Surplus Real Estate Senate Ways and Means Committee
03/08/2001 FY 2001 Capital Improvement Program - KDOT Joint Committee on State Building Construction
03/07/2001 HB 2468 Land Stewardship and Productivity Act House Agriculture Committee
03/07/2001 HB 2246 Senate Elections and Local Government Committee House Transportation Committee
03/07/2001 HB 2521 Relating to Underground Utilities House Utilities Committee
03/07/2001 HB 2011 As Amended by House Committee on Agriculture Changes to the Kansas Qualified Ethyl Alcohol Producers Incentive Program Senate Agriculture Committee
03/07/2001 Presentation Senate Ways and Means Subcommittee
03/06/2001 SB 172 Strengthening of Child Passenger Safety Laws House Transportation Committee
03/01/2001 HB 2045 Railroad Crossings Senate Transportation Committee
02/28/2001 HB 2144 Relating to Vehicle Registration, Exempting Truck Mounted Concrete Pump With Boom Senate Transportation Committee
02/19/2001 HB 2277 Relating to All-Terrain Vehicles Used for Agricultural Purposes House Transportation Committee
02/19/2001 SB 206 Penalties for DUI Repeat Ofenders Senate Judiciary Committee
02/18/2001 SB 131 Driving Under the Influence (DUI) by Those Under the Age of 21 Senate Judiciary Committee
02/16/2001 SB 306 Telecommunications Senate Commerce Committee